Anissa Pomiès

Postdoctoral fellow in Marketing at Concordia University (Canada).


Anissa Pomiès holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from La Sorbonne University and École Normale Supérieure. She received a Ph.D. in Marketing from La Sorbonne University and ESCP Europe.

In her dissertation, she built on both Sociology and Marketing to explore how professional experts have shaped the recent coffee shop market in France through the elaboration of a new taste. As a postdoctoral fellow, she continues her research into the relationship between expertise, taste and markets. Anissa is also interested in bridging arts and research through philosophy, epistemology and visual translations of her scientific work.


Selected Publications


Pomiès A. and Tissier-Desbordes E. (2016), Constructing the object of research in the manner of Piet Mondrian: An integrative epistemology for consumer research, Marketing Theory (Online first).

Pomiès A. (2016), Methodological insights to study practices through primary visual data, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Lille, July 6-9.

Pomiès A. and Arsel Z. (2016), There is Disputing about Taste: Genealogy of a Contested Concept, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Lille, July 6-9.

Pomiès A. (2016), Comprendre la création des marchés par l'analyse de situations performatives. Une étude du marché des coffee shops en France, Actes du 32ème Congrès de l'Association Française de Marketing, Lyon, 18-20 Mai.

Pomiès A. (2015), Le rôle de l'expertise dans l'élaboration d'un régime de goût et dans la performation des marchés. Une ethnographie des concours de café. Thèse de doctorat.

Pomiès A. (2015), Le rôle des experts dans la formation du régime de goût, Actes du 31ème Congrès de l'Association Française de Marketing, Marrakech, 20-22 Mai.

Pomiès A., Tissier-Desbordes E. and Visconti L. (2014), Serve Me the Perfect Coffee: Taste Regime as Relational and Embodied Practice, Consumer Culture Theory Conference, Helsinki, June 26-29.

Pomiès A. (2014), Expertise (watercolor), Consumer Culture Theory Art Gallery, Helsinki, June 26-29.

Pomiès A. (2013), The embeddedness of experts in the specialty coffee world, Consumer Culture Theory Doctoral Colloquium, Tucson (Arizona), June 13-16. 


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