In Press - Mani Z. and Chouk I. (2016), Drivers of consumers’ resistance to smart products

Zied Mani and Inès Chouk (2016), Drivers of consumers’ resistance to smart products, Journal of Marketing Management

DOI: 10.1080/0267257X.2016.1245212.


The Internet of Things (IoT) market is set to grow rapidly. Although IoT offers new opportunities, it nevertheless raises challenges. The objective of this research is to develop a better understanding of the reasons underlying consumer resistance to smart and connected products. To this end, a quantitative surveywas carried out to understand resistance to smartwatch. Structural equation modelling was used to test the conceptual model. The findings show that perceived uselessness, perceived price, intrusiveness, perceived novelty and self-efficacy have an impact on consumer resistance to smart products. Moreover, privacy concerns have an effect on intrusiveness and dependence impacts privacy concerns. To our best knowledge, this is the first research studying smart products through a resistance approach.

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