In Press - Rokka, J. (2016) Champagne: marketplace icon


Joonas Rokka, Champagne: marketplace icon

Consumption Markets & Culture

DOI: 10.1080/10253866.2016.1177990 (in press).


What makes a simple wine, grown in a rather mediocre wine-growing region, one of the most famous and magical marketplace icons of today? How did champagne establish such a unique position, against all the odds, and become the global symbol of celebration? In seeking answers to these questions, this marketplace icon contribution elaborates on what 250 years of avant-garde champagne marketing can tell us about champagne’s ever-shifting image and role in consumer culture. I argue that the “imperishable fame” of champagne stems primarily from four epic myth-making moments that not only came to shape a national identity but also modern consumption ideologies in important ways.

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